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How to Get Your Home Set Up and Ready for Professional Painters

Woohoo! You have officially decided to leave the painting to the experts and hire a company to tackle the job. Let's just say you have most definitely made the right choice! This is going to save yourself time, energy and stress. You hired a professional painting crew, now what? Well let's get into it!

  1. Remove Wall Hangings and Decorations

Save your painting crew time and potentially put money back in your pocket with removing your artwork and wall decorations. We want to be sure your belongings are safely stored and protected from the chance of any paint damaging them!

2. Move Furniture Away from the Wall

Your furniture is too valuable to leave in the path of paint! Be sure to move all furniture away from your walls before our Kowalski Painting crew arrives on your property. If you are able to do so, all furniture should be moved completely from the room. Items like accent chairs, side tables, along with any other smaller items may be moved to the center of the space. If anything is too large for you to move on your own, our crew will take care of it.

3. Remove Curtains and Rugs

Take down curtains before your project begins. While our painting crew is delivering excellent service, your windows and trims wont be neglected. Getting all drapes and curtains out of the way will keep the job running smoothly to assure your expectations are met!

4. Inspect Existing Damages

Take the time to inspect the walls and ceilings for any cracks, dents, or holes. If you have any existing damages our painting crew will be happy to assist you in patching those up! We know how you love your artwork, but don't worry, you can leave your nails in the wall to provide you with an easy reassembly once your fresh new paint has dried.

Talk about some great ideas to get you headed in the right direction! We want to hear about your next project Kowalski Painting can assist you in. From refinishing your old cabinets to giving your desired room a face life and everything in between, we've got you covered! Fill out our Free Quote form to get in touch with one of our Project Mangers today!

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