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How Long Will Your Paint Job Last?

When determining how long a paint job will last there are many different variables to take into consideration. For example, the climate and weather, how the house has been maintained, what color was chosen, the quality of the paint, if the paint was properly applied and more! Depending on all of these factors you can typically count on your paint job lasting around 8-12 years for exterior paint, and 10 years minimum for interior paint depending on how much traffic is going in and out of your home. If your interior is properly cared for, it could last much longer.

Tips to integrate into your next exterior paint job to make it last!

- Choosing a lighter color option. Darker colors attract sun, they specifically absorb the heat from light sources. On the opposite side light colors actually reflect the sun light and in turn do not absorb as much. If you want to get the most out of your paint without it fading then choose a light color! If you do decide to go with a darker color, you should definitely upgrade to higher paint quality.

- Choose a company you can trust. You want a company that hires experienced professionals to ensure that the paint will be properly applied. The tools used to paint on a professional level require knowledge and training. Proper application can make all the difference when it comes to longevity! If you plan on trying to paint yourself, definitely spend some time researching!

Tips to integrate into your next interior paint job to make it last!

- First repair, then paint! If you have any holes in the walls or damaged areas it is important to make sure these damages are up to date! You want to make sure you always start with a fresh blank canvas to guarantee a smooth finish. Tackling any damage first will prevent you having to ruin the paint job by repairing it after, it also will allow the application process to be much easier. After painting, you will want to maintain repairs on any damage that will occur.

- Clean and dust your walls. Believe it or not, the buildup of dust and dirt can actually shorten the life span of your paint job. You can safely do this by using a microfiber towel or any duster tool that will not be abrasive on the walls. For a spot that needs more than just a dusting, use a soft sponge and natural soap to clean it. Do not use anything with harsh chemicals.

- Be mindful of rooms with high humidity. Luckily Arizona is low in humidity, however in rooms such as bathrooms you want to make sure you are using the right product to combat the humidity or the paint will not last. If you are using a reliable company, they should already be using the proper interior paint product necessary for those conditions.

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