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Getting Creative with @Jaci.Daily

This past year, we’ve been able to partner on some fun and creative paint job projects with local influencers and it’s certainly been a great opportunity to “brush up” on some skills and try out new trends in the home improvement space.

Jaci Hodge of @Jaci.Daily has trusted us to really freshen up every nook and cranny in her home (literally) when she moved to the Desert Ridge area earlier this year. Jaci is a lifestyle influencer with a fantastic eye for design. From day 1, she knew exactly what she was looking for when it came to a minimalist contemporary space.

We painted everything from the entire exterior of the home to the insides of closets, and her cozy downstairs basement. The exterior was done using a spray and backroll method, which really smooths out the look of the stucco getting rid of any unnecessary splotchiness.

The basement received a moody makeover with Curator Paints which can be sourced from Dunn-Edwards. This particular brand is known for its rich color palette that is inspired by designers from all around the world. We used the color Farrier’s Nail to capture the true fall aesthetic. The best part about this brand is that it has a Class A rating for scrub resistance and opacity, so it’s easy to clean without compromising the integrity of the paint.

Our most recent project was Jaci’s kitchen island, which we painted black. As eccentric as that sounds, it really makes an all-white kitchen pop and look extremely clean. We used the color Caviar by Sherwin-Williams. This color is the perfect neutral, similar to Tricorn Black but with a little more brown.

We are always excited to see what Jaci has in store for us next, and our customers can’t get enough of her classic style. We can’t even tell you how many times we receive screenshots of her home when our clients are describing their perfect paint job. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations coming your way!

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