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8 Unexpected Things in Your Home You Should Paint

Are you looking to do something new and exciting with your home but don’t quite know where to start? Consider the power of paint! It’s simple, economically friendly, and transformative, so it gets the job done. It’s also easy to change later on down the road, so if you feel like switching things up again, that option is there for you. You would be surprised at what you can paint in your home to add a little contrast, colorful flair, or high-gloss finish where it's needed most. Read on for our top 8 things you can (and probably should) paint in your home.

1. Exposed Shelving or Wall Unit

Whether it's a bookcase showcasing all your favorite reads or a pantry that could use a punch of color, this is an excellent option to paint. We recommend using a satin finish which has a low but washable sheen.

Photo by Chris Everard/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication

2. High-Contrast Trim

Painting moldings, baseboards, and doorframes a darker color than your wall color will accentuate the linear aspects of the room and really make that accent color pop in a design-forward way.

3. Concrete and Cinderblock Surfaces

This is where that backyard fence comes in! Paint dull, gray cinderblock white or beige, or go for a fun, bright accent color that highlights your landscaping. Bougainvillea pairs exceptionally well with light blue, light green, or white.

4. Closet Interiors

If you want to add a fun pop of color but don’t necessarily want it to be on display for the whole world to see, consider painting your bedroom, hallway, or bathroom closet interior. Who knows, you might just look at your entire wardrobe differently!

5. AC Vents

A white grate can take away from a room's aesthetic, so why not paint it a hue that blends in a bit better? We recommend painting it the same color as the wall it’s on for a seamless look.

6. Bare Stairs

Stairs can be stylish too! If you have concrete stairs in your backyard or wooden stairs in your home, consider accentuating them with a neutral color or tying in an accent color. You can also paint just the top of your stairs, which is a great polished look.

7. Banisters and Spindles

We’ve painted quite a few banisters and spindles in our day! These can be tricky and time-consuming and are usually best left to the pros. However, banisters and spindles look stunning as an accent color in the home.

8. Exterior Fascia and Soffits

Painting your home’s exterior fascia and soffits provides a comprehensive “complete” look to your home. It can also prolong the life of those exterior areas because it protects them from the elements. Curb appeal and functionality!

With all that said, we hope you learned about something new to paint in or around your home today! Feel free to contact us about our personal experience painting these things, and if you’re interested in receiving a fast and complimentary quote, you can do that here.

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