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5 Ways to Use the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023 in Your Home

Warm, inviting, not too moody, and just the right amount of sophistication is how we would describe Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Color of the Year “Redend Point.” This blush beige is an almost-neutral with just a tinge of warmth and personality, and it’s relatively easy to incorporate in any space, which is why we like it!

According to Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, “the color is a natural choice for those looking for a warm and joyful neutral in both interiors and exteriors. It is a heartening hue that invites compassion and connection into any space.” So you’re probably wondering at this point, what spaces around the home Redend Point would look best in, and we have a few suggestions of our own.

The Bedroom

We love how this rosy-hued color invites a sense of tranquility into a space. That makes it perfect for one of the most coveted sanctuaries, the bedroom. It looks great painted in its entirety or as an accent wall.

Kitchen Cabinets

This color instantly adds sophistication to a kitchen, especially when paired with a grayish-white (like SW Pure White) wall color and rose gold and/or gold fixtures. It would also hide dings or marks reasonably well.

Entryway Accent Wall

This is the perfect solution for experimenting with a warm color without committing to a full wall or room. It’s inviting and pairs exceptionally well with neutral decor and a white baseboard.

The Bathroom

This terracotta color provides a spa-like earthy feel to a smaller room like a bathroom. We recommend painting all the walls in Redend Point to experience the full-color immersion.

Office Space

Whether your office is in a cozy nook or an expansive room, Redend Point works for both environments! If you’re in a large room, paint the entire wall and if you’re in a nook, focus on the nook only. Regardless, the soothing color will bring a sense of focus and comfort to your WFH space.

Overall, Redend Point can be used in various spaces around the home, and its versatility makes it an excellent choice for the year's color. If you have questions about which paint colors to select for your home, reach out to us, and we can recommend a couple of talented local color consultants. If you’re interested in a complimentary painting quote for your home, connect with us here.

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