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5 Unique & Unexpected Spaces to Paint in Your Home

Painting is a huge part of the home design process, and it provides a ton of room for creativity! We’ve partnered with several interior designers and influencers who have a knack for design, and by working with them we’ve seen just how out-of-the-box you can get with a bit of paint. Here are a few trends we’ve seen that are totally worth “dipping your brush into.”

1. Front door interior. If you’ve always wanted a pop of color on your front door but aren’t feeling courageous enough to have it on the exterior of your home, this is the perfect solution. It adds a little color to your foyer and instantly enhances the look of your home’s interior.

2. Kitchen island. If your kitchen has an accent color (or you’re looking to tie one in), this is the perfect opportunity to really make the color pop.

3. Ceilings. You can transform a room's entire look and feel just by painting its ceiling. For darker paint colors, this works exceptionally well in cozier, more intimate spaces like a library or bedroom, and for lighter paint colors, it can make a room look larger and feel airy.

4. Can lights + AC Vents. This adds a little color and dimension to the room without a drastic change, or it can transform dark and dingy into bright and new.

5. Doors throughout the house. This includes bedroom, office, pantry, and closet doors, where you can add a pop of color to a room or hallway.

With painting, there is no limit to creativity, and it can truly make all the difference by making a space feel more welcoming, modern, warm, or simply just feel like home! If you’re working on finding the right color for your home but don’t know where to start, we’re happy to recommend one of the talented color consultants that we know. Connect with us today!

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