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2021 Home Design Trends Featuring Indigo Interiors

Now that a new year is finally here, it’s the perfect time to reimagine your home and think about those next big steps. Perhaps, you are preparing to sell your home this year or you just found the perfect abode for long-term living and it needs a little touching up on the design side. That’s where our awesome local interior designer friends come in. Heidi Reece and Suzanne Tate are talented and well-respected interior designers in Phoenix. We have worked with their design firm Indigo Interiors on several projects now, and they are always wonderful to work with. They have a great eye for design and make the whole process seamless. If you ever need a consultation on how to paint or design your home, they are our go-to duo. In this post, they have shared with us some of the design trends they are already seeing and forecasting for this year.

Doesn’t everything about life feel so sterile, hands-off, and uncertain right now? One of

the only things we can control is our home environment and how we live in it. 2021

trends are showing us an uptick in rich luxurious fabrics like velvet and linen beautifully layered in spaces for a sensorial and tactile experience. There is something especially joyful about embracing life-enhancing items that we’ve forgotten about in our fast-paced world. People are enjoying adding plants to their home, opening up the drapes

and letting the sunlight in, and finally using the nice plates and cups to make meals a

special event.

Color trends are more saturated, moving away from gray and neutrals and into color!

How color is applied and used affects the space vitally. Color trends for this year and

the foreseeable future are earthy and muted but saturated renaissance-type colors like

green (which you will see everywhere!), cranberry, mauve, dusty blue, creams, mustard,

eucalyptus. This is a rich application that makes the space feel welcoming, homey and

luxurious, a 180-degree turn from the simplistic spaces of the recent past with their lack of


We’re seeing lots of accent walls coming back but with moodier colors. The emphasis

here in color is on the earthy undertones and heavily saturated colors like a Eucalyptus

dark green with rich gray undertones as opposed to a fresh minty green. Another

accent wall favorite is wallpaper! Wallpaper has made a comeback like never before.

Heavily patterned large scale wallpaper, especially in small doses like in a powder room

or on a ceiling surrounded by soft, muted paint colors that are repeated in both the

wallpaper and surrounding areas provide continuity and harmony. Performance

wallpaper is our favorite! It is bleach scrubbable and adds gorgeous color, pattern, and

texture to walls. Its ability to completely transform a space is unparalleled.

In regards to painting interiors, we are seeing changes in sheen and color application

that hasn’t previously been as popular. For example, painting interior doors a dark

color adds drama and a focal point. Another area previously ignored but getting love is

our ceilings! Some of our favorite creative uses of ceilings are 1) wallpaper 2) dark

colors and 3) high sheen enameled ceilings that have a mirror-like finish to them.

Cabinet painting has only picked up more momentum. Kitchens, bathrooms, home

offices, and built-ins are now getting custom paint jobs with gorgeous dark blues, gray

greens, and dark beiges now taking center stage. Our personal favorite is the classic

and timeless white. White cabinets are NOT a trend, they are timeless and allow the

other finishes in the room to really shine. White cabinets allow a beautiful countertop

or amazing light fixture to really take center stage.

Because we are all working and schooling from home, multipurpose pieces are

essential. The kitchen is where we clean dishes, where the kids are learning math, and where we are making lunch. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. We need a way to keep it organized and

clean, and the pieces we use need to do more. For instance, modular pieces that can be used in both an office and as a buffet for a holiday dinner. Beautiful chairs that look good, recline, swivel, and rock. Chairs upholstered in performance fabrics that wear well, so if during the day we spill orange juice and then get ink on it, we can keep it clean until dinnertime when the red wine is flowing, which will maybe get spilled as well. Whoops!

We think the past last year has taught us all to slow down and enjoy the small things starting at home and with our families, and our 2021 home trends sure reflect that!

If you're looking for a paint color consultation or some guidance on how to revamp your home, reach out to Heidi and Suzanne of Indigo Interiors for their professional and helpful expertise.

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